I was born in that age when you needed a piece of paper to express yourself and library was a place to visit anytime that you had to prepare your homework. Trust me: there wasn’t any computer; only books and, luckily, a wonderful and helpful librarian.

In my memory, being a child who grew up in a village without the technology of cities and new era, I remember how curious I felt when faced any device that fell in my hands. The very first opportunity that I could learn something about computers happened in highschool: MS-DOS and very basic management of a computer. Wordperfect 6 was the most advanced software at that time. But I hadn’t any chance again until I could buy my own laptop, many years later, after years of hard work (not those cool jobs, so surrounded of unicorn’s glamour that we usually see today).

I worked as waitress, seller, recepctionist, security guard,… At the same time, I never left my love for IT. It was my hobby. My evasion from real world.

Then, I had the honour of working with first year abroad kids. Sometimes, I remember exactly the moment when I realized that I really hated my life. I hated the coward person that was turning into. I realized that had expended my life just working for surviving, but leaving my dreams behind.

I left my job and I expended all my saves for changing. That’s a kind of facing all your fears, even if you know fear pretty well.

Here is the point: right now, 39 years old woman. It’s suposed that I’m too old and my style is not cool enough. I’m not in fashion and I have more passions in my life, not only coding.

But I think, why should I try to change my way? My experience, even being very far of the coolest unicorns, is something to be really proud of, hard moments included. Thanks to them, I’ve learned much more than just using a Google search.

I’m proud of the girl who arrived home after a hard day of work in a bad paid place, with the feeling of well done tasks and a lot of learning on my shoulders. I know what feet bleeding are like. I know how it feels when waking up at midnight because body hurts of tireness and pain.

But I feel pride and so many things to share with others. I’m 39 years old and a newbie developer. Sometimes I’ve faced interviews where the person in front of me asks my age and the children’s question is in the air (and I have had to answer more than once that I don’t want to have kids, and then the next question is “Why”).

I don’t think that the beauty of my body or my fertility are required skills for developing.

If so, then I think we all haven’t learned anything from History, even less from technology.

So now, could we return to a less crazy wolrd than the one that we are creating?

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